I get letters every day letting me know how my work, whether yoga, lifestyle or success-building tips, have impacted people for the better. Here’s just a sliver of actual emails I’ve received:

Sadie Nardini is one of the very few yoga teachers whose work I unreservedly recommend!
Leslie Kaminoff, Author of the bestselling book Yoga Anatomy and renowned yoga, anatomy and movement expert.
I just joined the group and took Sadie and Tyler’s training in Austin, Texas, which was awesome. I wanted to share something incredible with you guys. I have scar tissue in my pelvis from an appendectomy and from giving birth. Before the training, I would wake up with pain and have to spend time working it out. It has been truly painful. After moving this way with them for 5 days, today I got up and there is no pain. This is the first time in a LONG time. I still feel a little bit of restriction but my pelvis is more pliable than it has been in months and I practice yoga daily. Thanks, Sadie and Tyler! It’s pretty amazing to start the day free from pain 🙂
Stacy, Student
So I just completed Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga training with Sadie Nardini and Tyler Mccoy. Basically, it was amazeballs. Love affair with asana reignited. It’s like our relationship got ho-hum, and now the Lionel Ritchie is back. I’m subbing for Ashley Gaar’s Hatha Star class this coming Saturday, and whether you’re a beginner or not, you should come 10:30am at YY South. Expect to leave feeling more powerful, more centered, more you.
Lauren, Student
Sadie, I just wanted to say thank you! I found you on Veria Living TV’s “Rock Your Yoga” 7 months ago and my body has changed in ways I never could accomplish through weights or cardio, and it has calmed my mind. Yoga has changed my entire life and I don’t know if I ever would have found it without you. I watched other shows but none got me into it like you did, and now I can’t imagine my life without yoga. Namaste Sadie, you beautiful soul! Thank you for all you do!
Melissa, Student
Hi! I just finished your yoga power hour DVD, the first workout from you that I have tried. I am not a gushy person by nature, but I have to tell you that was great! I’ve just gotten into yoga as my main exercise within the last couple of months. I’ve done various styles of yoga to see which fits best. I just wanted to let you know what a lovely combination of exhilaration, sweat, relaxation and release I found your DVD to be. Keep up the good work. I’ll look forward to doing more of your practices!
Christina, Student
I know that you are busy. I keep following you on Facebook. Why shouldn’t I? Do you have any idea how you have changed my life and my teaching? 4 years ago I was waitressing and teaching 4 classes a week in community centers — and trying to figure out how to take my teaching to the next level. Found you on YouTube, started studying with you and BOOM! Now I have a studio that is doing awesome and I even have just started my first 200hr teacher training program in Northern Ontario. It’s crazy. Who knew this could be me? YOU DID!! Just last night I had a group of new people come in and one girl came up after and said, “That was the most fun I’ve ever had in a yoga class, and I’ve taken lots of yoga”. That was AWESOME!!” She then signed up for a month–actually all four of them did!! I smiled and of course thought, “Thank you Sadie” 😉
I’m in the middle of the Evolution training right now, and I wanted to pause it to thank you. This instruction is so smart! I feel like this new way of moving has revolutionized my practice and my teaching. My students are really excited too. I think it’s great that you made it so accessible. So, thank you!
Three summers ago I began incorporating your yoga videos into my classroom. I teach high school students with special needs and most of my kids have a lot of fine and gross motor issues and have very limited involvement with physical activity. We began each class that summer with your Yoga for Weight Loss video, as it was a class favorite, and I began to notice that the kids were sharper academically, were making healthier choices at lunch, and had much more energy by the end of the day. These benefits are no surprise to you or any one else who practices yoga but the biggest success was a boy who in the beginning of the summer could not even touch his toes and by the end of the summer was able to hold himself in a plank. Your videos gave my kids physical strength, tremendous confidence and a little piece of their childhood which they had missed out on.
Sue, Teacher
Some days I question why I spend idle time on Facebook, looking at pictures and reading status updates that add little to no value to my life. And then, as was the case today, I come across a postcard or a picture with a quote that you have either created or shared and the message is always so timely. Today you reminded me to let go gracefully of the things I was not meant to have. As I complete my masters and try to move my career forward I have been met with both positive and negative responses to my wanting to grow professionally. It has been particularly difficult for me to accept when I have been overlooked for a position or when something does not work out. Today you have reminded me that to let go with grace allows other opportunities to flow freely into my life.
Mattea, Student
Sadie! Thank you so much for sharing your article on how to make money doing what you love. My partner and I are a dual combination of artist/writer/sound recordist/musician/actor/vintage seller all rolled into a creative and romantic partnership. We are British but have spent the last two years living in the south of France working on small holdings, re-focusing our view on life. I discovered you via a good friend and have loved following your online videos as I am makingl efforts to strengthen my core. This evening we sat down at our friend’s dining room table (we’re currently homeless and incredibly lucky to have the generous support of wonderful friends and family) to discuss our plans for the future. An hour into our chat, Jon went into the kitchen to fetch us a glass of wine and I took the chance to check facebook. I noticed your post and we have just been been reading and discussing it. It was incredibly relevant and has instantly informed some of the decisions we need to make. So, yeah! Thank you so bloody much! It was exactly what we needed to read!
Catherine, Student
Sadie, I just need to tell you again that you’re awesome AND I found the office chair yoga AND sent it to my co-workers and it is now circulating around to all the staff within our regional YWCA and people are loving it! Yah You!!
Casey, Student
Dear Sadie, I just need to thank you, to say that I absolutely love your yoga routines and that my life is incomparably better since I started doing them. You rock, girl!
Raluca, Student
Love your yoga videos! Thank you so very much! As a sufferer of chronic back pain, I have really benefitted from practicing your yoga. Truly life-changing!
Cynthia, Student