1511203_10153036268723590_2251851026123753744_nYou are about to get an opportunity no other high-level yoga or anatomy or empowerment expert is giving you –the chance to learn information and get fast-track mind and body-transforming tools usually reserved for those with thousands of dollars to burn.

Well you can get the same turbo-boosting info on yoga, alignment, anatomy, sequencing, finding your voice, breaking through fear, revamping your diet and energy–toning your body inside and out in WAY less time, and gain a bunch of new inspiration for your yoga classes your own health and fitness—and your life.

And now you can grab them for $1 and up, whatever you want to give! I’m offering this pay-what-you-want deal for ANY of my top-notch online courses you can do at home—and keep forever.

Yoga Teachers; You’ll learn all the anatomy, biomechanics, adjustments, sequencing, cueing and finding your voice that they didn’t teach you in your 200 or even 300 YTT. And you can get Continuing Ed Credits for any time you spend studying with me online, since I’m an E-RYT 500.

Yoga and Fitness Students: You’ll learn work out smarter, not harder. You’ll gain core strength, confidence, sleep better, love more fearlessly and get clear about your life’s direction–and so much more.

Shop around below, donate what you can. Learn, grow, save time and money!

It’s a win-win.

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a student who wants to learn more Yoga-Alliance approved Anatomy & Sequencing trainings, or personal weight loss, detox, and SO much more, I have a 5-Star Online Course for you!


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images-1Truly, you can give me whatever you think is fair for these incredible courses that will empower you, keep you and your students safer, make you fit, fierce and fabulous, and bring you the best knowledge to help you save TONS of time and money learning more about your yoga practice, body, and life.

Some people ask what prompted me to give all my online courses by donation.

Well, I’m doing this because I care so much about supporting your potential prosperity, and since I have such a large worldwide audience, I can afford to ask much less to make sure that everyone around the world has the opportunity to study the highest-quality info, be able to spread the good word about yoga, keep themselves safer and be empowered to teach workshops, trainings, retreats, and busier classes.

I want more yoga teachers in the world, and more students working smarter, not harder to get fit and healthy and passionate.

And guess what? In case you don’t know me yet, you can be sure you’re learning from an expert, and doing what works:

Here’s what people are saying:

“Sadie Nardini is one of the very few yoga teachers in America whose work I unreservedly recommend!”
~Leslie Kaminoff, one of the world’s top yoga educators and co-author of the bestselling “Yoga Anatomy book.”

“I learned more from Sadie’s Total Transformation Teacher Training online than I did from my in-person 500-hour yoga training…and I’m a doctor!”
~Beth, MD, Chicago

“I cannot believe the difference in my body, and energy, just 2 weeks into doing Sadie’s online programs—and learning why I was overworking and not seeing results. Thank you Sadie for saving me more years of gym time I didn’t need!”
~Kim, Los Angeles


Juicy Pictures Photography (31 von 110)HOW TO DONATE:

See the courses below, pick the ones you want, and then give what you can afford, from $1 up to $599. They are valued at the prices below.

If you can give more, please do, but whatever you can truly afford is lovely with me.

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All my courses are perfect for teachers or students. Yoga teachers get 10 CEC contact credits and 20 non-contact credits for each 5 Day YOGA TRAINING course:


Juicy Pictures Photography (51 von 110)COURSES: 

NEW! The Total Revolution Teacher Training Turbo-booster:

Hours of flow sequences, foundational anatomy of Asana training, how to move students through Sun Salutations, Standing Poses and more, to revolutionize how you do and teach yoga for the better.

Includes teaching feedback from me so you can watch and learn what to do–and not to do to make your classes more attractive and yourself more clear and dynamic.

The Rockstar Training (reg. $599) (finding your voice, sequencing and anatomy)

The Journey Training (reg. $599) (how to teach the transitions into poses, making you a yoga rockstar)

The Evolution Training (reg. $599) (more anatomy, inspiration and sequences)

The Total Transformation Training (reg. $599) (deep anatomy and specific cueing for the most cutting-edge anatomy, physics and biomechanics info to help you teach at the top level).

The Total Freedom Training (reg. $599)–5-day social media, branding, video and photo creation and passive income training for teachers)

The Bad*ss Yoga TeacherTraining: (A 5-Day Finding Your Voice,

Rocking who you are, messaging, busting sabotage and anatomy training for teachers)


PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT COURSES (also great info for teachers to do + share):

IMG_0239Yoga For Weight Loss: Principles of weight loss, and a workout to

blast excess fat and build lean muscle ($47)

14-Day Detox: 14 days of recipes, workouts and inspirations to help you cleanse, clear and get strong. ($47)—note: this is NOT the free course, which is a totally different detox course. Get this one and you’ll get the other one so you’ll have a 28—day plan if you want it!

Revolutionize Your Relationships! 7 Days with me and my personal & relationship coach Barb Beck–inspirations, meditations and homework to get you and your heart back on track to love your best!

Yoga of Success: 10 Steps to create success and money doing what you love, bust self-sabotage and create passive income. Geared towards yoga and wellness people but good for anyone. ($47)

7 Days to Bust Insomnia: 7 days of yoga practices, meditations, breathing, Feng Shui, bedtime stretches and other awesome tips that work instantly to get you to sleep, naturally. ($47)

Yoga Variations for Beginners and Beyond!: A 4-hour multi- session course with yoga practice, chair variations, new uses for props and how to feel (or make sure a student feels) more included,comfortable and rock any practice–with your adaptations and needs met. ($47)





Revolution Teacher Turbobooster:

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Bad@ss Yoga Teacher Training:


Yoga Variations Course:


7 Days to Bust Insomnia:


Yoga for Weight Loss Program:


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