Brian Williams

Brian Williams
New York, NY
CSVY Trained

Studio: CAP21, 18 West 18th St.
Schedule: Thursdays at 6pm

Description: I dare my students to tap into and fire up their inner strength. I strive to make my classes disciplined and inspirational, with a strong focus on alignment and core, while keeping it fun and juicy, with badass music and a healthy dose of humor.  It’s a soulful and sweaty journey to center.

Brian’s Website: http://brianwilliamsyoga.wordpress.com/teaching-schedule/
Brian on Facebook: http://facebook.com/brianwilliamsyoga


Marietta McEvilly
Staten Island, NY
Core Strength Vinyasa Certified, Master Trainer

Shakti Yoga Center
Monday @ 5:45pm, Tuesday @ 7:45pm, Wednesday @ 4:00pm (gentler)

New York’s Finest Taekwondo
Monday @ 9:30am, Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Marietta is a bonafide anatomy nerd. Her love of the human body and all of its intricacies permeates all of her classes. Marietta’s classes are strong, sweaty, move from the deep core line. You’re sure to leave with a greater sense of awareness not only of your physical body but of your mental and emotional capabilities as well!

Marietta’s Website: www.mariettamcevilly.com
Marietta’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/mariettamcevillywellness
Marietta’s instagram: @mariettamcevilly


Gabrielle DeFusco
Cumberland, RI
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: MacColl YMCA, Lincoln, RI (Yoga classes do not require membership)
Schedule: Monday @ 9:30am, Wednesday @ 7:30pm, Friday @ 10:30am, Saturday @ 8:00am

Description: Having a degree in psychology, Gabrielle fuses together both her academic and yoga studies in creating yoga classes that offer a unique blend of yoga therapy with the more dynamic, energetic, and challenging styles of yoga, while emphasizing stress relief, health, and healing.

Gabrielle’s Website: http://yogawithgabrielle.com/yoga-classes-workshops/

Gabrielle on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yogawithgabrielle
Gabrielle on Twitter: https://twitter.com/YogaGabrielle


Susan Doherty
Boston, MA
CSV Trained

Open Doors Power Yoga Studio:
Hanover, MA
Monday @ 7:30pm
Weymouth, MA
Wednesday @ 6:30pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Susan-Doherty-CYT-Let-Yoga-In

Lauren Burkart

Lauren Burkart

Newmarket, New Hampshire

CSV Trained

Seacoast Power Yoga in Exeter, NH
Tuesdays @ 12:00pm, Wednesdays @ 5:45am, Saturdays @ 9:30am

Seacoast Power Yoga:  http://www.seacoastpoweryoga.com
My Blog:  http://www.4petalsyoga.com
My Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/4petalsyoga

Melissa Scott

Melissa Scott
Birmingham, AL
Core Strength Vinyasa Certified, Master Core Strength Vinyasa Trainer

Studio: The Yoga Circle Southside for weekly classes, teacher training and events at Villager Yoga
Schedule: Monday and Wednesday, 4:30pm @ The Yoga Circle Southside

Description: Melissa’s classes are pure, rockin’, heartfelt Core Strength Vinyasa. Using the 7 Core Cues and her years of experience as a therapist and life coach, Melissa creates classes that are fun, challenging, cleansing, and deeply healing. Every class weaves in some “adventure” poses for students looking to take their practice to the next level. All levels welcome. Melissa also offers a 200-hour teacher training based in the principles of Core Strength Vinyasa.

Melissa’s Website: http://www.melissascottyoga.com
Melissa on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelissaScottYoga


Casey Bakula


Huntsville, AL

CSV Trained, CSV Certified


Your Yoga

Mondays – 6pm ; Wednesdays- 10am & 6pm; Thursdays -10am

Casey’s classes are rockin’ and flowin’ and stay true to the Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga style.



Jennifer Beyt Coffin
Knoxville, TN
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: The Glowing Body Yoga Studio
Schedule: Tuesdays, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga @ 9:00 – 10:30am; Saturdays: Yinyasa @ 9:00 – 10:30am

Core Strength Vinyasa- Get more benefit in less time by drawing inward to seek, and find, your inner strength! Break the habit of moving only from the outer body and loading layers of tension onto yourself. You will discover how to use your Deep Core Lines along the skeleton to make all of your poses more possible as you keep your body healthy for years of yoga to come.

Yinyasa- The fusion of Yin yoga and Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga creates an integrated, balanced practice. Clear your mind and prepare your body with 30 minutes of Yin, then transition into 1 hour of spark generating Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. It does a body good!

Studio Website: http://www.glowingbody.net
Jennifer’s Website: http://exploreyourcore.co
Sample Class: http://jeneticyoga.wordpress.com/find-me-online/video/


Jane de Albuquerque

Kennesaw, GA
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Launch Awareness Yoga Centre
Class Times: Monday @ 7:30pm; Thursday @ 7:30pm; Saturday @ 9:00am & 10:30am

Description: Stand stronger and taller as you practice core strength vinyasa with Jane. Ignite your inner fire through movement and breath. Enjoy a fun, challenging and healing practice.
All levels are welcome.



Neila Starr
Kennesaw, GA
CSV Trained

Studio: Launch Awareness Yoga Centre
Schedule: Thursday @ 10:30am

Description: Feel the fire in your deep core as you gain more flexibility and strength. Let Neila be your yoga tour guide as you relax deep into your body.



Amanda Conner
-Morehead City, NC, USA
– CSV Trained

– Momentum Yoga and Fitness and Sportscenter

– Every Saturday at 10:30(Momentum) Mondays 7:00pm (Sportscenter)
Wednesdays 7:00pm (Sportscenter) Fridays 8:30am (Sportscenter)

Class description– All levels yoga classes that focus on alignment, safety and positivity. I am a graduate of the YogaWorks Teacher Training program, and have received my 200 hour certification. I am passionate about the YogaWorks method as well as CSV Yoga and continue to honor my teachers as I grow and learn!

www.momentumfitnessnc.com and www.sportscentermorehead.com



Joanna Izzo
Port St. Lucie, FL
Studio: Sutra Yoga
CSV Trained

Sundays @ 11:00am
Mondays @ 6:15pm

Class description– Vinyasa flow for all levels that focus on balancing the mind, body and breath. I am 200 hour certified with the yoga alliance and CSV yoga trained. You are sure to leave more centered, aware and balanced!

Website: www.sutrayoga.us
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yoginijoanna
Email: izzom33@aol.com

WEB-skandasana  CJ-Yogi-8902

Carla Jean Whitley
Birmingham, AL
United States
Studio: The Yoga Circle
CSV Yoga Certified

4 p.m. Fridays

Class description– Carla Jean Whitley believes perfection is a myth, and she finds freedom in that conviction. It’s a lesson she aims to share in every yoga pose.

Website(s): http://carlajeanwhitley.com
Intsagram: http://instagram.com/inkstainedlife


Marie Powers
Branson, MO
CSV Trained

Studio: Wholly Transformed

Schedule: Wednesdays @ 11:30 a.m, Thursdays @ 5:45 p.m, Fridays @ 11:30 a.m, Sundays @ 6:00 p.m (CSV + Restorative)

Studio Website:  www.whollytransformed.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/WhollyTransformed


Ruthann Zentner
Lee’s Summit, MO
Core Strength Vinyasa Certified, Core Strength Vinyasa Master Trainer

Studio: The Zen Zone

Description: Core Strength Vinyasa- Get more benefit in less time by drawing inward to seek, and find, your inner strength! Break the habit of moving only from the outer body and loading layers of tension onto you. You will discover how to use your Deep Core Lines along the skeleton to make all of your poses more possible as you keep your body healthy for years of yoga to come. Ruthann take’s this movement from the mat to training students with a chair as a prop.

Studio Website: www.Zenzoneyoga.com

Studio on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenzoneyoga

Studio on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/zenzoneyoga

Ruthann on Instagram: http://instagram.com/ruthann_zentner

Shannon Barnes

Shannon Barnes
Forest, Ohio
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Bending Tree Yoga

Class times:
Tuesday @ 4:30 (Yoga Shred) & 6:30 (Core Strength Vinyasa)
Thursday @ 4:00 (Core Strength Vinyasa)

Class description:
Teaching with passion and light, I will set your practice on fire! Come meet me and begin your journey or continue your current practice.

Studio: www.bendingtreeyoga.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bendingtreeyoga


Lorrie Blockhus
Shell Lake, WI
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Schedule: Tuesday @ 6:00pm; Thursday @ 9:30am (Gentle CSV)

Description: Lorrie is admittedly fascinated with how the body, mind, and breath impact each other. Her classes are rooted in anatomy and yogic philosophy with a dash of athleticism and observations of how similar life is on and off the mat. She encourages all students to choose their own level of challenge so your practice can meet you where you are today while supporting growth for tomorrow.

Studio website: www.omsweetomyoga.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OmSweetOmYogaLLC
Sample Class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsuYkH4ugEQ


Mary Kay Smith


Des Moines, Iowa United States

CSV Trained

Power Life Yoga – Downtown location

Thursdays, Power 2, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Fridays, Power 1, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

The Power 1 class is a beginner’s class with heat set to 85 degrees. The Power 2 class is an all-level challenging class with heat set to 95 degrees or higher. I play positive, energizing music that provides a fun, memorable Core Strength Vinyasa experience!


Carleen Rose
Denver, CO
CSV Trained


Downloadable Videos

I am an explorer by nature, so for me yoga is an inner-exploration that connects you to your core and cultivates your inner-power to fully experience the adventure of your life.  I resonated with the core-focused empowerment of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga – using your deep inner strength for self-centering, self-stability and self-mastery – which is the central theme of my classes.  I offer this perspective so you can take what feels right for you and make it your own, then use it to live dynamically on and off the mat.





Darla Neal Morello


Springfield, MO United States

CSV Trained

I am passionate about helping others transform themselves from the inside out. I believe that fitness should be holistic, bringing health to the body, mind and spirit. I also believe that fitness should be a lot of fun, which is why I always bring a sense of playfulness to my classes.

All classes are founded in CSV principles – creator of SPARK BARRE© – I offer hiit & CSV Yoga classes as well


Kat Robinson, RYT 200, IAYT

Owner Active Kat Yoga



Doniphan, MO 63935

CSV Trained

at Robinson was only 17 when she was bitten by a tick and contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a debilitating and often fatal disease. Some paralysis on her right side, extreme photosensitivity, and horrible joint and muscle pain, she spent years tangled in a web of anger, depression and self loathing. It wasn’t until she was in her 30’s that she discovered yoga and began to put everything into perspective.

Through her yoga transformation she realized that she could manage her joint pain, and she gained a strength and flexibility in her body that her “pre-illness” body did not have. She also realized that she looked at herself differently. By unlocking feelings of the past, she was no longer a prisoner of her negative dialogue that she didn’t even remember why she had.

It wasn’t until her son went to USAF basic training 3 weeks after 9/11 that she immerged herself, studying professionally and receiving her teaching certification.

Today Kat is a prominent name in the yoga community and Active Kat Yoga is one of the premier yoga studios of South East Missouri. Her philosophy is “Yoga is for everybody and every body.”

An avid sewist, Kat developed “Sewing Yoga” a therapeutic yoga program for those who spend too much time at the machine. She produced and starred in the corresponding DVD, “Sewing Yoga” and it is a popular item in sewing rooms around the world.

Kat, Active Kat Yoga, and Sewing Yoga have been featured in Fit Yoga, Sew News, Sewing World (UK), Healing Lifestyles and Spas, Threads, Quilter’s Home, Om, Yoga, and Lifestyle (UK), Yoga Natural Living (UK & US), Stitch. Kat has been a frequent writer for Elephant Journal, is a blogger for Yogahub and also serves on their faculty for the Virtual World Yoga Conference. She has also presented Sewing Yoga at the American Sewing Guild National Conference. Kat is also an ambassador for Jade Yoga Mats.

10515171_10205267498312230_7725419101274086188_o  12036438_134169106932053_5821118447256527853_n

Tanyel Thomas


Fraser, MI United States

CSV Trained


Bodhi Seed Yoga and Wellness
Asha Yoga therapy center
Hippie Yoga



Hello. I completed my RYT200 in 2014 and completed 2 CSV training modules. I offer upbeat physically challenging class with allot of heart and humor.


Marianne Talkovski


Indianapolis, IN, USA

CSV Trained

Invoke Wellness Center: http://www.invokewellnesscenter.com

Thursdays 7 pm

Yin Yoga – Marianne is a licensed acupuncturist and yoga teacher who believes health and beauty are one and the same. She specializes
in teaching CSV and yin classes to all ages, shapes and sizes and incorporates reiki and acupressure to balance your meridians and
chakras. She obtained her RYT 200 in 2011, has led workshops that integrate yoga with Chinese Medicine and has studied with Leslie
Kaminoff & Sadie Nardini’s Rockstar, Evolution, Journey, Bad Ass, Revolution Yoga Anatomy, Total Transformation courses, as well as
Sadie’s retreats in Tuscany & Tulum.

Find out more about Marianne at:




Camila Matos
Austin, Texas
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Hyde Park Yoga Company
Schedule: Wednesday at 7:30pm, Friday at 12pm

Studio Website: http://www.hydeparkyogaco.com
Camila’s Website: http://www.iamcamilamatos.com


Kim Bulloch
Scottsdale, AZ
Core Strength Vinyasa Certified, Core Strength Vinyasa Master Trainer

Studio: Spirit of Yoga at SWIHA
Schedule: Sundays @ 8am, Tuesdays @ 8:30am

Class Description: All of Kim’s classes are taught from the deep core line and are based on the principles of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga.

sara_paige1 sara_paige2

Sara Paige
Scottsdale, AZ
CSV Trained

Class Description: .  I offer all-levels yoga classes as well as private yoga sessions. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to recognize and be educated in the other 7 limbs of yoga as this was definitely the missing link for me to tie everything together as a lifestyle. Here at B-Moved Yoga, we know what yoga can do, but we encourage you to experience it for yourself!

Website: b-movedyoga.com
Facebook: facebook.com/bmovedyoga
Youtube: youtu.be/Km2isV2lCRI

brochureprofile  Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.09.40 PM

Erica M. Haines
Arcata, California 95521

Om Shala Yoga 7:30pm Thursday, 6:30pm Sundays
Old School Hot Yoga 9am Tuesdays, 9am Thursdays

Class Description: Classes are hot, athletic and challenging. The initiation of movement from deep core, strength and stretch with integrity and radiating out along core lines is emphasized.






Thea Pueschel


Los Angeles and Orange County, California, USA

CSV Certified, Core Strength Vinyasa Master Teacher Trainer

Unfold Yoga OC

Wednesday 5pm Saturday 8amThea’s Core Strength Vinyasa classes are engaging, deep and thoughtful. You’ll laugh, swear, and feel more connected to being you in this body you have today than ever before. Walk away feeling stronger, more confident, and more connected to your body, mind and spirit.


Hazel Blue Studios

Tuesday 6:30pm and 8pm

Thea’s Tuesday night classes are body positive yoga classes inspired by Core Strength Vinyasa. Using the principles of CSV you will be led through an encouraging, powerful, modifiable practice open to all body sizes and levels of mobility.






Stephanie Newkirk
Portland, Oregon
CSV trained

Studio: Studio Modern Yoga
Schedule: Saturday at 2:30pm

Class Description: Whether you’ve never done yoga, or you’ve been doing it for 20 years, there is a warm place for you here. Re-ignite your inner self, relax, and restore. You’ll never regret walking away spending less cash than what it costs for dinner! Use one hour of each weekend to make YOU feel great.

Firelight Yoga
>> Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm
>> 1 hour long Gently Heated Room around 85F
>> 1475 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217

Stephanie’s Website: www.stephanienewkirkyoga.com
Stephanie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanienewkirkyoga
Studio Website: http://www.studiomodernyoga.com/


Robyn Rich
Burley, ID 83318
CSV Trained

Harmony Yoga
Thursday – 6:00am
Vinyasa flow for all levels that focus on balancing the mind, body and breath. I am 200 hour certified with Yoga Alliance trained through Shanti Yoga Teaching Training and CSV yoga trained.

Elite Fitness
Monday – 6:30pm, Tuesday – 6:00am
Vinyasa flow for all levels that focus on balancing the mind, body and breath. I am 200 hour certified with Yoga Alliance trained through Shanti Yoga Teaching Training and CSV yoga trained.


Shannon Lind
Boise, ID
United States
CSV Trained

Name of Studio(s) Where You Teach

The Yoga Room
Meridian Community Center
Simply Catstrained

Relaxing, grounding, soothing, invigorating…. I hope to offer a class that’s accessible to everyone.





Lisa Simchison
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
CSV Trained

Awakened Yoga
Class times: various

Class description

I hope to shine a light on each person’s abilities, strength, uniqueness and beauty in every class – allowing every student to leave class feeling more alive and vibrant than when they arrived.  I teach a variety of classes, using the CSV teachings, that share one common thread – an emphasis on having fun and finding freedom within the body.




Anna Koury
Bradford, Ontario, Canada
CSV trained

Email: Koury.anna@gmail.com

Studio:  I teach out of my home and can come to you to teach in the comfort of your own home!

Class Description:
I offer classes that are tailored to my students. Some like more of a challenge while others are looking for a more gentle practice. In all of my classes I like to include a theme along with an intention to guide the practice that day.


I am on Instagram @yogasloth



Mélanie Shawn Seney
Montréal, Québec, CANADA
CSV Certified

Monday- 6:00pm CSV Flow (beginners)
Centre Jean-Claude Malépart – 2633 rue Ontario E,
Mercier/Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood, Montréal

Tuesday- 6:45pm VinYin (all levels): CSV Flow/ Yin-restoratives postures
Studio Beach Bum Tribe Adventure -378 St-Zotique E,
Rosemont/Petite-Patrie neighborhood, Montréal;

Wednesday- 12:15pm CSV Flow (intermediates)
5:30pm CSV Flow with specific theme
UNI Training -1751 Richardson, suite 5303, Pointe St-
Charles neighborhood, Montréal

cjcm.ca : centre Jean-Claude Malépart, Monday, 6pm, CSV Flow
espace-bbta.com : Studio Beach Bum Tribe Adventures, Tuesday, 6:45pm, VinYin
unitraining.ca: UNI Training, Wednesday, 12:15pm & 5:30pm




Tanja Borjanic
Traveling yogini
CSV trained

Private classes
By appointment

Tanja is emphasizing mindfulness with fluidity in her teaching. Her practice is influenced with different yoga traditions. She believes that everyone is unique and it reflects on her teaching approach. Tanja holds B.A. degree in Physiotherapy and Yumeiho therapy diploma from I.I.P.P.M., Tokyo, Japan




Jo Ozden
Side, Antalya, Turkey
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Yoga Holidays Turkey.
Schedule: We run seasonally and offer one or 2 week inspiring yoga holidays, We open May through July, Break for August due to heat the re-open Sept through October. More dates will be added as the studio grows. More info: http://www.yoga-holidays-turkey.com/course-dates/

Class description: You will learn to move and fully connect holistically with your total being to flow from your inside body out to Grow and deepen Your Own yoga practice. Learn to breath deep into the body and ignite your ‘Core centre’ to move you through your practice to explore and gain a deep self-awareness.

Studio Website: www.yoga-holidays-turkey.com
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/yogaturkey


Karin Thyr Eriksson
Stockholm Sweden
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Puls och Träning, Träkvista Ekerö and private lessons
Schedule: Wednesday at 11:30am

Class description: Foundations of Core Strength Vinyasa and CSV flow

Studio Website: https://pulsochtraning.se/vara-gym/gym-ekero-trakvista/
Karin on Facebook: www.facebook.com/yogafortravelinhippies


Luciana Gorga
CSV-Trained Yoga Instructor

Studio :c/o Swim&Fitness/Roma

Schedule. Tuesday @ 7.30 /Thursday @7.30 pm /Saturday @10 am/

Core strength Vinyasa Yoga is a style designed for all levels of practice, making easier and more fluid the transitions from one pose to another in a conscious way using the deep core .

We will learn to create and feel the firm foundation to flow in the smooth sequences engaging the Core Breath and 7 Core Cues in every pose. We will discover a new world of yoga practice transforming the Body and metabolism with more heat, power, and weight loss, increased energy and fun!



Szymon Jarosławski
Kraków, Poland
CSV Trained

Elements – International School of Yoga and Movement

Class times Please consult our website

My classes focus on personalized approach to each student. I blend various yoga traditions to help students explore their own body and mind and achieve a transformational effect. The pace ranges from slow, meditative yin yoga and therapy to very dynamic, invigorating core vinyasa yoga.




Ania Brzegowa
Kraków, Malopolska
CSV Trained

Studio: Ania Brzegowa Joga Fusion

Welcome to my private classes by skype, workshops in Poland and holidays with yoga.
My practice and teaching is based on vinyasa flow yoga.





Katie Maughfling
Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre
Schedule: Mondays 10am

Description: Beginners’ Core Strength Vinyasa. Intention to use alignment, breathwork and the deep core body to move with strength and grace through the class.

Studio Website: www.chhc.co.uk
Katie’s Website: http://katiemaughfling.weebly.com/times.html
Katie on Facebook: www.facebook.com/yogakatiemaughfling


Wendy Snongjati
Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Escape Yoga Studio
Schedule: Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Thursday at 7:30-9:00 pm, and Earth Core Flow Yoga class on Friday, 6-7:00 p.m.

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a style that simplifies how to access, comprehend and use the “deep core” more efficiently to gain the maximum benefits of yoga.   Because of its multi-level actions and focus on constant core connection, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most effective styles for sparking major changes inside and out.  In each class, we learn to set our foundation, connect to our core, and express ourselves creatively and safely on and off the mat.

Earth Core Flow Yoga is a class especially designed for all who are new to yoga or new to dynamic flow yoga. We build our poses from the ground up by first establishing a firm foundation and engaging the breath to access the deep core, and then we will begin to flow in beautiful sequences of poses without losing the earth to core connection.

Studio Website: www.escapeyoga.co.uk
Wendy’s Website: www.wildyogi.com
Wendy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WildYogiWendy?ref=hl

Mia-Saunders               Mia-Saunders1

Mia Saunders



CSV Trained

Private class at a location and time to suit you

I mainly teach private sessions or small groups – this way classes can be tailored precisely to your individual needs. I use a combination of CSV yoga (in which the clients find powerful new ways to move their bodies, access their deepest core muscles and release long-held tensions), Thai Yoga Massage and deep relaxation techniques in order to work the entire body and mind. I have experience of working with pre and post-natal clients, long-term injuries and chronic pain, as well as stress, anxiety and depression.  “I can’t recommend Mia highly enough as a yoga teacher, she has a unique balance of fun and a “no nonsense” attitude which she brings to every session. She ensures she gets to know you very quickly so that she can help you with the right yoga move to suit your mood on that day”

Website link to studio.

Group class on Mondays at 8pm (Broomwood Methodist Church Hall, Kyrle Road, London, SW11)


A mix of Core Strength Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and deep relaxation. Feel strong, energized and deeply relaxed. Email me to book a place.

Website link to studio.

3rd Studio Name (if applicable).

Class Times.


Please contact me on yogawithmiasaunders@gmail.com

Sample class link if you have a YouTube video or other online class.


Sonia Welch
Lancashire, England
CSV Trained

Studio: DW Sports and Fitness
Morecambe, Lancashire, England
Schedule: Tuesday 11:15am and Wednesday 10:30am
Core Strength and Restorative Yoga

Location: Heysham Library Meeting Room
Morecambe, Lancashire, England
Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 7:15pm
Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

Sonia’s Website: www.soniawelch.co.uk
Sonia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morebreathingspace


Jessica Sawyer
Ormskirk, Lancashire, England, UK
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Knowsley Feel Good Clinic, Knowsley Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 4RB
Schedule: Wednesday 6:30- 8pm

Description: Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga requires students to fully activate their Deep Core Muscle Meridian, their innermost muscle body, along with the more commonly used outer one. We also keep students activating and moving strongly BETWEEN poses. PLUS, the unique Core Breath we use builds heat and power, and optimizes digestion and metabolism, fast.



Michael Klumpp

Gladbeck, Germany
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Black Label Yoga

Description: Micha offers at his BLACK LABEL YOGA-Studio, a pure and strong yoga style influenced bei Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga and functional Training. In Basic-Courses and Open Classes all levels welcome.

Website: www.black-label.de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blacklabelyoga


Linda Gerletti
Dunfermline, Fife Scotland
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Dunfermline HIGH

Schedule: Monday @ 5pm (Beginner 1), 6pm (Beginner 2), & 7:15 (Intermediate)

Class description (up to 3 sentences, MAX) 3 levels of Yoga classes offering creative flows to enhance your mind, body and soul experience. Applying the principles of Core Strength Vinyasa: “grouping into the earth, accessing the core of the body and waving through the spine to the unique expression of each individual.” This allows students to find a place to stay or a place to grow in their practice while having some fun along the way!

Web link to your studio’s website: www.myoga4u.com

Web link to your schedule page: www.myoga4u.com/classtimetable


Vernette Butler
Weybridge, Surrey, UK
CSV Trained

Vernyoga in Surrey

Class times:
Monday 7.30pm, Weybridge
Tuesday 6.45pm, Chertsey
Wednesday 9.30am Thorpe, Egham
Wednesday 6.15pm, Weybridge
Thursday 10.30am Weybridge
Thursday 7,30pm, Weybridge
Saturday 12.30pm Chertsey

The Vernyoga recipe for health, well-being and fun brings together all of the styles of yoga Vernette has trained in from classical to contemporary blended with CSV transitions and techniques for a flowing style with a strong anatomical emphasis for classes that are suitable for everyone.



Vernyoga on Facebook


Victoria Cunningham-Downey, SYT
Glasgow, Scotland
Core Strength Vinyasa Trained

Studio: Battlefield Chiropractic, Glasgow
Schedule: Mondays 5pm & 6.15pm

Studio: Cinnabarre, Wishaw
Schedule: Wednesdays 5.30pm, 6.45pm & 8pm

Description: Slow Flow Yoga: The poses are linked together with the breath into a slow flowing sequence suitable if you’re new to yoga and /or need to proceed slowly due to injury or lack of exercise.
Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga: The poses are linked together with the breath into a more dynamic flowing sequence if you want a more advanced practice.
Both Core Flow Yoga and the Slow Flow Yoga class improve strength and increase flexibility and they also result in a more relaxed and peaceful mind off the yoga mat.

Victoria’s website: http://stretchbodymind.com
Studio website: http://cinnabarre.co.uk
Victoria on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StretchBodyMind


Tracy Wong Ngar Tsui
Berlin, Germany
CSV trained

Private Yoga Room

Monday to Thursday, 11:00 to 1400, Private ClassesMonday, 16:30 -1715, Children YogaFriday, 10:30-11:30, Mama Baby Yoga

I teach children yoga and mama baby yoga at a family centre. At my private home based yoga studio, I teach adult power vinyasa courses. My main purpose is to combine the concept of deep core body line in guiding students to adjust and strengthen their poses.





10436019_10203708450687747_5751965927945046075_n  IMG_8992 yoga

Yukari Allen
Misawa, Aomori. Japan
CSV Trained

Potter Fitness Center, Misawa AFB
Class Times. Tue & Thur 09:00 Mon 11:30

Class Descriptions: 3 sentences max. Power Strength Yoga class offers Core Strength Vinyasa based power Yoga class. Connecting your body movement through your breathe. Gentle Yoga class offers stretch your body slowly with mindfulness.



Camila Manns
hello@artsymove.com / camilamanns@gmail.com

Location: Chile (Santiago and Pichilemu)
Schedule: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 19:30
Also private classes, several locations and events

Class description: I use my creativity to design a class that helps you feel in a constant flow finding strength in the body, peace in you heart and a beautiful connection with your breath. All levels are welcome, just be ready to sweat! . Vinyasa Yoga Flow and CSVYoga .