I’m so excited to invite you to Commit to Fit with me at my new online yoga studio! Now you can practice my best, most effective workouts, classes and workshops along with me, exclusively at! It’s awesome.




I’ve designed the style of yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, that will give you DOUBLE the results as most any other style, if not all of them! That means for 20 minutes practicing with me, you’ll get 40 minutes’ worth of:

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 3.36.37 PM (1)

• weight loss
• calorie burn
• fatburning
• lean muscle building
• detoxification
• flexibility
• whole-body strength and tone
• hormonal optimization (anti-aging, immunity…)
• metabolic switching on
• better sleep
• more energy & clarity all day!

And now, great news! Wherever you live or travel, You can still practice with me at my brand new online yoga studio, and get all my exclusive, best full-length classes, workshops and more (over 30 classes and growing)—all with one super-low monthly payment of $8! But the first month is only ONE DOLLAR. You’re welcome:)

That’s like a couple of lattes, all for your own health and fitness.

You’re so worth it.

HOW TO SIGN UP? It’s easy!

1) Go to my online studio at Here’s the direct link:

2) Click on the big yellow button on the right that says:


3) Then use this discount code at register: SADIEVIP1 and get your first month for only $1!

I hope to see you there—so we can rock it together more often, and get you even more fit, fierce and fabulous!