Yoga Shred™ Teacher Training Certification

September 27-30

A 4 Day Immersion in beach town Cape May, New Jersey!
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New Jersey Beach Weekend Yoga Shred Getaway With Sadie Nardini

Friday June 8 – Sunday June 10, 2018

At Balance Cape May in gorgeous and historic Cape May, NJ

The Yoga Shred™, created by Sadie, is a fresh blend of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and her signature Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Sequences. Any level is welcome to have a great time, and learn a LOT about how to get more results from your practice, and use the mat to work out smarter, not harder.

During this empowering, transformative–and fun weekend–you’ll flow and glow–and then the vino!

Why Learn HIIT? The Yoga Shred™ classes gives you the cardio, muscle definition and tone, super-strength and calorie burn that yoga alone cannot.  Yoga activates slow-twitch muscles which are great for endurance, detox and balance. HIIT targets fast-twitch muscles and a higher heart rate, which gives you optimal muscle definition, overall strength, fat-burning and cardio improvements!

Together, they are a holistic, miraculous exercise form that does everything you want, in less time.

Yoga Shreds can cause the Afterburn Effect: up to a 15% raise in your metabolism, and a corresponding rise in calories and fat burn that lasts 12-48 hours after your workout! This is major, since most other workouts stop burning calories when you end your session. This is why only a few minutes of intense-enough movement can burn more calories and create more muscle strength and transformation than working out for hours. It’s still working even when you stop.

Join longtime anatomy and biomechanics expert, Sadie, and experience a new practice infused with intelligent anatomical alignment to keep you safe while giving you all the results of HIIT in a way that fits seamlessly into your existing yoga and flow classes.

Vin, Yin, & Vino! With Master CSV Yoga Instructor, Judy Heany
Friday Night 6-8 pm

30 Minutes of CSV Flow Yoga, 30 minutes of Relaxing Yin Yoga + Delicious Wine. Sadie will meet you to share a glass and conversation!

The Sadie Yoga Shred Experience – Metabolism Turbobooster
Saturday Morning 10 am – 12 pm

Intimate Q&A with Sadie
Saturday Afternoon Salon @ 1-2 pm

Interested in learning more about Yoga Shred?

Like to find out how to become a Yoga Shred Instructor?

Bring your questions and curiosity to our post-workout salon.

Total Body Blast: Yoga Shred + HIIT for a Sculpted Booty, Arms, & Core!
Sunday Morning 10 am – 12 pm

Whole Weekend Experience $208

Pay with Paypal Person to Person or Venmo and Save $20, Just $198

Call the studio for details @ 609-884-3001 or @BalanceCapeMay on Facebook!