Sadie’s Fierce Tanks

Soft and durable, made in America, this tank hugs you sweetly on or off the mat…as you remind yourself and others to be fierce, every day!
Fits true to size.
You’re going to love these so much–get both colors!
Tank orders take 1-2 weeks for delivery.
No refunds given, unless product arrives damaged.
Exchanges for size incur an additional shipping cost!

More goodies will be up and ready for purchase soon!

uniKtard, the unique unitard

The uniKtard is hand crafted item in Northern California, USA. Our product provides the comfort and warmth of a full body leotard while being conveniently versatile and customizable. With unique center snaps adjusting the uniKtard can be worn as both a top, bottom, and unitard all in one garment. Made from durable Bamboo Cotton Lycra the uniKtard is comfortable in any position and provides a full range of movement for exercise.

Uniktard – Long

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Uniktard – Capri

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Uniktard – Short

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Sadie’s Book: The 21-Day Yoga Body!

Learn creative yoga flows, get more inspired and learn how to eat to fuel your fitness and your practice! There are cocktails, too. In 21-Days, you’ll be even more fit, fierce and fabulous than ever!

21-Day Yoga Body

Instant & Hardcopy DVDs

30-Minute Total Belly Transformation

Finally, a core workout that’s fun, flowing and tones your whole body along with your center! You’ll burn calories, whittle your middle, and get stronger and leaner, in much less time with this revolutionary style.

Sadie’s expert, dynamic live instruction makes it easy to follow along with her new Core Poses and creative flow sequences. The core is much more than just the abdominals. As you dance from a deeper center, you’ll sculpt your arms, shoulders, thights, belly, waist and back – all in 30 minutes or less!

90-Minute Total Body Sculpt

Finally – a fun, creative, whole body yoga flow that also gives you more calorie-burning, body-transforming benefits in less time than most other DVDs! You’ll enjoy Sadie’s live, engaging instruction (no voice-overs here!) as you learn the latest and greatest information about how to generate your yoga postures from deep center.

Sadie designed this creative, flowing sequence to build your lean muscle and increase the metabolism to totally transform your body, even as you gain flexibility and calm your mind and heart. Sadie gives variations for beginners all the way through! Building your poses from the ground up makes them more effective than the more commonly taught sky-down technique. Sadie shows you how to get more from your yoga in less time every step of the way.

Total Body Transformation

Total Body Transformation does just that: it’s a comprehensive, full-body workout, calorie-burning, core-strengthening and flexibility practice in one!

Sadie designed this workout to give you the most benefits in the least amount of time, so no matter how busy you are, you can get fit, fast. This all-in-one DVD gives all the body-toning and weight-loss results you could get at the gym or a class, plus you get the added bonus of the stress-release, healing and balancing effects of yoga!

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