Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® – Certified Teacher List

Here’s where to find a CSV Yoga trained or Master Trainer teacher near you! If you are a CSV-certified teacher, email us at Info@SadieNardini.com to add your name to the list. If you are seeking retreats, trainings or events with Sadie or a Master Trainer, same email–we got you!

Tristan Gatto


He is the creator of top-selling DailyOM courses like the 14 Day Spinal Reset, 21 Day Yoga Shred for Men, and 30:30 Fierce Body Reset.

From retirees to celebrities, Tristan has instructed and created custom yoga practices for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced yogis. With a close focus on anatomical movement, proper alignment, and safe therapeutic practice, Tristan has an intense passion for teaching healthy movement courses made for everyone!

In addition to his courses, he is lead master trainer in Sadie Nardini’s Yoga Shred® Teacher Training Certification and 300 hour Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® Teacher Training. Tristan passionately instructs yoga workshops with emphasis on safe mobility and proper biomechanics, therapeutic self-massage techniques, and other bits of badassery!

He is a featured writer of yoga anatomy and men’s yoga in “The Desert Outlook Magazine” and “beyogi.com.” Brand ambassador for beyogi.com and lululemon.

Licensed PTA and E-RYT 500. He resides and teaches in Los Angeles, CA

Tyler McCoy


Tyler McCoy is a 500 E-RYT Certified Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga master trainer and co-creator with rockstar yogini Sadie Nardini. His classes are designed to offer you a more thorough, comprehensive strength, toning and detoxing, energetically as well as physically. Studying with him has been shown to offer twice the effectiveness in every pose, every time you get on the mat, giving you twice the detox while burning twice the calories! His classes will leave you feeling a confident and joyful peace that you carry with you. Through passionate authenticity his classes align students with their innate divine power to enjoy their purest expressive vitality on ALL levels.

His training is based in the classical Sivananda Hatha Vedanta Yoga which he studied in Kerala, India. He has since taught around the world in Chicago, New York, Europe, Central America and Asia, and is currently based in Austin, TX.

Tyler draws continued inspiration from teachers, such as – Sadie Nardini, Leslie Kaminoff, Andre Lappa, Tom Myers, and Paul Grilley, as well as great spiritual masters – Dr. Hawkins, Ramana Maharishi, and Byron Katie.  When not traveling for workshops and conferences, Tyler DJ’s and films around the world.

Melissa Scott


Melissa Scott is on a mission to help you recognize your strength, live into your Truth, and have your most authentic life possible.

She’s a yoga teacher, therapist, writer, and life coach who believes everyone can be their best self. Her Core Strength Vinyasa classes develop deep core strength and focus on moving from center, both on and off the mat. She combines her knowledge of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy for classes that are creative, fun, challenging, and deeply centering.

A passionate yoga student for over a decade, with a background in dance and martial arts, Melissa uses her knowledge of the mind-body connection, energy dynamics, and deep core anatomy to help students move past fears to a deeper, more empowered place. In addition to teaching yoga, leading teacher trainings, and working with individual clients, she co-developed “Finding Your Core Message” & “7 Steps to Busting Self-Sabotage and Living Your Best Life” with Sadie Nardini. Learn more about her at www.melissascottyoga.com.

Kim Bulloch


Kim is a certified Master Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Trainer who still  maintains a fantastically fun flow style that anyone can come and rock  right where they are. Her reverent irreverence makes learning from her a  real-world delight. Kim attracts yoga lovers, anatomy geeks, fitness  freaks, and those who don’t mind a few f-bombs peppered throughout her  profound and intuitive teachings. Her message is always one of self love,  self expression and empowerment which is exactly what she found for herself  when she began her studies in this style of yoga and anatomy based on  discovering one’s true core power and using the tools of biomechanics, creative sequencing, practical inspiration and fabulous flow classes to  access each student’s freedom from the inside out.

Kim’s classes welcome a wide range of students from teenagers, working  moms, tattooed belly dancers and bemused but hooked husbands to women in their late 60’s all in the same room, all working on that elusive handstand or arm balance together, and all feeling met and capable exactly where they  find themselves on the mat that day. She works on demystifying yoga postures and philosophy so that it can be simply accessed and understood–and directly applied to ease the suffering of even life’s most pressing challenges.

Kim has taught yoga and pilates for nearly 12 years and is certified at the 500hr level in Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini. She continues to study yoga anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and has begun to mentor new yoga teachers helping them find their voice, hone their skills, and gain confidence in their teaching. Learn more about Kim at her website, www.KimBulloch.com.

Thea Pueschel

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Thea is a certified Core Strength Vinyasa Trainer who believes all bodies are good bodies deserving of love, attention and movement.

She’s an artist of living, hypnotherapist and body-positive yoga instructor. The source of her inspiration to bring body positivity into other’s lives began when, as a hypnotherapist, she worked with several professional martial artists, yoga teachers, scientists and engineers and found that body shame doesn’t have a particular size, occupation, gender or age. She launched a yoga practice focused on bringing size diversity and body acceptance to Los Angeles, California and, later, North Orange County. She believes Yoga is for everyone, but not all poses are one size fits all.

Her classes are engaging, deep and thoughtful. You’ll laugh, you’ll swear, you will feel more connected to being you in this body you have today than you have ever felt before. She blends her passion for art, hypnosis and yoga wherever she can. She is the creatrix and facilitator of HypnoArt, Pranayama & Paint Workshops and The Magic of Metaphor – Weaving the Web to Self Discovery: Guided Imagery and Yoga Nidra Immersion. In addition to completing her 500-hour certification with Sadie Nardini, Thea has an unrequited thirst for knowledge with a plethora of trainings in yoga and other fields of study under her belt. Thea has co-presented with Sadie Nardini at YogaNation Chicago and Yoga Journal San Francisco.

To learn more visit www.theapueschel.com

Casey Bakula

Casey Bakula, the owner of Your Yoga in Huntsville, Alabama, will lead you through creative, fun, rockin’ and rollin’ core strength ‘Vinyawesome’ flowin’ classes.

Casey is a bright and engaging teacher who loves to share her zest for life and yoga with her students. She has the honor of being named a Master Trainer by Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga founder Sadie Nardini.  She feels her purpose in life is to love it, live it, and laugh through it, helping all that cross her path do the same. A strong believer in being real and always speaking your truth, she creates a fabulous, flowing and fierce experience in all of her classes. One where her fellow yoga lovers, no matter their level of experience, can be themselves and have a kick ass practice. She stays true to the Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Style and the idea that accessing and utilizing your deepest core can make you more powerful, balanced, and true to yourself on and off the mat. Join casey on the mat and be ready to let loose and just be, whatever that means at that moment in time. Her humor and creative spirit paired with a love of music and the arts always find a way into her teachings, so expect to laugh, expect the unexpected, and bust out in the occasional impromptu song and or dance.

Mallory Larson


Mallory was born in Seattle, WA where her relationship with movement and finding one’s truest inner and outer nature began. Growing up, she hiked mountains, trekked through deep forests, and sailed blue waters. She attended an acting conservatory and there, fell in love with the conscious artistry of physical expression.

Her classes are dedicated to helping you access the power within by reclaiming your right and ability to make your own transformation into a beautiful, inspiring dance. Mallory reveals the joy of living by using the body in every way possible; jumping, bouncing, waltzing, and generally rocking out with life.

In over a decade of yoga practice, she has studied under some incredible teachers, certifying 200, then 500 hour RYT with Lilyana Frescas (Vinyasa) and Sadie Nardini (Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga & The Anatomy of Yoga). Her classes are fearless, asana-kicking, creative, energizing, passionate, and balanced.  Join her on the mat and join the celebration, and check her out at www.mightymal.com.

Marietta McEvilly


Marietta is a bona fide anatomy nerd and wellness warrior who advocates healthy living. She has traveled the world studying with the foremost teachers of yoga, nutrition and Thai bodywork. Marietta loves the grace and precision of Core Strength Vinyasa yoga and that it provides students a way to move and express their bodies fully and safely – from the inside out. Her classes are strong and sure to leave you with a greater sense of awareness not only of your physical body but of your mental and emotional capabilities as well.

In addition to having completed her 500 hour certification with Sadie Nardini, Marietta is also a certified Anusara yoga instructor. It’s Marietta’s passion is to share all that she has learned with her students about how to move away from fear and move towards living the fullest and healthiest life possible. Marietta lives, loves, and keeps learning in NYC. Learn more about her at www.mariettamcevilly.com.

Ruthann Zentner


Ruthann is a fun-loving, creative spirit who creates a joyful and positive environment for those who enter her doors.

As the owner of The Zen Zone in Lee’s Summit, MO she guides teachers and welcomes yoga students, young children to seniors, encouraging each on the path to self-love. She integrates alignment, core work, and breathing techniques with basic poses and creative sequencing. Each class is designed to energize the body and cultivate a meditative consciousness thus fostering greater vitality and improved health. Using her amazing play lists and a sense of humor her classes are dynamic and inspiring.

Within the bright teal walls and dark wooden floors of her studio a wide variety of experiences can be found. Yoga-centered games give kids in yoga workshops an opportunity to limber up and have fun, seniors in chair yoga stretch and gain balance with sun salutations, many enjoy a creative outlet in art journaling, and the young at heart rock out doing handstands in Vinyasa classes while others choose a deeply relaxing state in restorative yoga.

Ruthann, a native of Kansas City, has over 20 years of teaching experience. Her yoga journey includes certification as a Yoga Storyteller, 300RYT with Yogafit with an emphasis in yoga therapy and 500RYT with Sadie Nardini’s Core Strength Vinyasa Flow. She is a loving mother of 3 crazy girls and is dedicated to being fearless!

Mélanie Shawn Seney


Mélanie has a clear message: cultivate your uniqueness!

A Montréal (QC, Canada) based personal trainer for 20 years, Mélanie has worked with clients of various horizons and implemented Yoga classes in the corporate world with the goal of democratizing Yoga and making it accessible to all.

With a Physical Education degree; and many Yoga certifications (800 hrs between Kripalu; Yin; Therapeutic; CSV) under her belt, as well as a passion for dance, sports and all form of creative movement, Mélanie merges the scientific knowledge with the global perspective of holistic health disciplines.

When Mélanie discovered Sadie’s teaching and approach: it was love at first Asana! Finally, an empowering yet organic practice encouraging each to move instinctively from our deepest resources. This practice rocked Melanie’s world from the inside out, and now there is no going back!

With a desire to share Core Strength Vinyasa so that each person can feel a deeper connection and cultivate what makes each of us unique, Mélanie’s teaching is geared towards an anatomically safe and movement efficiency practice, led with humor and compassion. Respectful of students limits but also in constant (r)evolution, her classes begin on a gentle note, with a clear commitment to treat yourself right and embrace who, and where you are in this exact moment.

Then the work starts. Some side effects of the practice: sweat running down your back and a fired-up core! But you will mostly gain empowerment and an appreciation for your own body, mind, heart and spirit. (Re)Discovering the unique YOU. Namasté.

Stephanie Newkirk

Metal Yoga PDX – It’s not about perfection. Sweat. Breath. Rock out. Embrace your weird.

A feisty wild child at heart with a soul full of fire! I am the only CSV Metal Yoga teacher on the West Coast. Let’s break down barriers, and rock the world!

I offer a unique twist on yoga, embracing both the light and dark within us, and I am passionate about organic movement, nurturing your authenticity and guiding fellow badass yoga teachers through training and support programs. The spaces we practice in, the walls come down. The idea of what yoga ‘should’ be, and more about a chill space for you to be YOU!

CSV has changed my body, mind and soul. My intention is to provide a killer vibe and rockin’ tunes with yoga, allowing you to live a happier life that serves you on a deeper level.

I’ve studied with both Jill Knouse and Sadie Nardini and I am a 200 ERYT and a 500 RYT. I am the baby of all the CSV Master Teachers…and I’m stoked to be able to share it with you!


Karin Thyr Eriksson

Karin Thyr Eriksson is an artist, musician, and yogi who believes that yoga is for everybody. To find balance in life, on and off the mat she needs both a sweaty session on the mat, one in the studio singing her heart out, a healthy meal, sweet potato fries, salty licorice (yes that’s a thing!) and a glass of wine! She is a mother of two and a wife to her life companion of 21 years. This awesome style of yoga keeps her grounded and makes her fly at the same time!

Her background is an on – off, hate – love relationship with yoga for close to 20 years but when she found Sadie Nardini and CSV Yoga it was a instant love. Suddenly everything felt right and most of all she started to not only like but love her body and feeling strong from the inside out. Karin has studied with Sadie for many years and traveld both to Germany and USA to complete her 500 hour training and become the first master teacher in this style to be teaching in Swedish. Karins classes are fun, empowering with a strong core message that “you are enough”. Karin teaches workshops, Teacher Trainings (In the fall of 2018 Karin is offering the first – ever TT in Swedish!) and weekly classes at here studio YOGADA located in an Rococo Palace on the island of Färingsö, 30 minutes outside of Stockholm.

Website: www.karinsyogaworld.com
Instagram: @karinsyogaworld
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/csvyogasverige

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